Melanie Wingate

Traditional Naturopathy

Mind and Body Wellness Coaching
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"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it" - Rumi

This quote by Rumi is very powerful and sums up well what mind/body wellness coaching is all about. Throughout our lives we experience certain events or hear others negative words that instil a belief or a block in us that creates a barrier against our true path of divine unconditional love. 

Judgements from the mind block love. Thus blocking our path to our fullest potential and our birth rights to unconditional love, abundance and inner peace.

These blocks store in our body as old memory's in the form of energy and may manifest as an illness, pain, chronic disease, depression, anxiety or other acute symptoms. However you will not always have physical symptoms as the block may only exist on a mental or emotional level, in which case you may be unable to reach your fullest potential, but have no idea why.  

Our body's talk to us, and it is important to tune into it and uncover what it is trying to tell us, rather than covering up the symptoms with modern medicine and other pain killers. 

Mind/body Wellness Coaching uses subtle and effective methods to uncover any of your hidden blocks and beliefs, and then clear them out of the body. Before we are able to clear the block, we first must recognise the purpose for it being there. During your coaching session, you will be guided through the process necessary for uncovering the purpose and thus releasing the stuck energy from the body.

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