Melanie Wingate

Traditional Naturopathy

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Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellbeing, using the best that nature has to offer. It focusses on finding the cause of the condition rather than only treating the symptoms. Natural supplements, herbs and dietary/lifestyle advice are used in the management of treating your health concerns. 

A Naturopathic appointment is aimed at providing you with the ability to optimise your nutrition. As your naturopath, Melanie will not only ensure that your dietary intake and your digestive function is optimal, but she will also help to identify and correct any nutritional deficiencies, or other conflicts that may be present in your body.

Being healthy doesn't just stop at your food intake. Your lifestyle, exercise regime, exposure to environmental toxins, stress and emotional health all play a part in optimising your health to its fullest potential.

By using the best of what nature has to offer, we can heal our mind, body and soul. Melanie works with a vast range of natural therapies including herbal tinctures, essential oils, flower essences, mineral therapy, liquid crystals, nutritional supplements and dietary advice, giving a comprehensive, holistic approach to your healing journey. A naturopathic consultation may also involve pathology testing, mind/body coaching, massage or reiki, depending on your individual needs.

A typical Naturopathic session with Melanie treats not only the physical health symptoms, but the mental and emotional ones as well. She combines her other modalities of mind/body coaching, massage and reiki to give a thorough holistic approach to your individual needs. 

Melanie Wingate has had a passion for natural therapies for her entire life. When she was a young child, natural medicine was used to cure her of her own chronic illness. Melanie is a certified naturopath with a bachelor of psychology and certifications in neurolinguistic programming (NLP), transformational coaching, mind/body holistic clearing and hypnosis. She uses naturopathic protocols along with mind/body coaching, to not only get to the physical cause behind the problem but the emotional ones as well. 

Melanie believes that our inner most thoughts and feelings are a major contributor to our health conditions and that its important to combine the physical as well as emotional and mental attributes to deliver a unique holistic treatment plan designed for your specific condition.

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